FloodSource announces the digitization of all LOMA/LOMRs

In an effort to improve our service and to quickly deliver important letters of map amendment/change, FloodSource is in the process of digitizing all LOMA/LOMRs on file. While we anticipate business as usual during this transition period, there may be some letters that will be unavailable until the completion of the project.

Once the project is complete, look for a new and improved web site that will simplify the process and instantly deliver LOMA/LOMRs on demand.

Thank you for your patience,
Your friends at FloodSource

Questions? E-mail us at lomalomr@floodsource.com.

Exceptions to the flood hazard area as approved by the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA)

What Is It?

LOMA's (Letter of Map Amendment ) and LOMR's (Letter of Map Revision) are official exceptions to the U.S. Government identified (FEMA) Special Flood Hazard Areas.

FEMA's designated special flood hazard area by means of the official flood map designates the flood plain areas in the U.S. and territories. A requirement to purchase flood insurance is a condition to obtain a real estate loan on property where the improvements are located in the special flood hazard area. The flood hazard area is also subject to special land use and development requirements also.

Within the special flood hazard area or flood plain there occur "islands" of higher ground at an elevation above the established base flood plain. This land above the flood plain either the result of fill placement or natural high ground are eligible for an exemption to the flood insurance purchase and flood plain management requirements with the issuance of a LOMA or LOMR.

Only FEMA has authority to issue a LOMA or LOMR. Contact FEMA at www.fema.gov for more information.

A LOMA is applicable to fill placement and natural high ground knoll situations (normally a single property or small area. A LOMR represents a change in the configuration of the flood plain due to more extensive physical changes such as levee placement, stream channelization, major fill placement, etc. The LOMA, LOMR process is a means to legally revise the flood map without the cost of reprinting and distributing the entire flood map panel.